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You may live a single day 10,000 times or you can live 10,000 days. MARTHA7 is helping people live a new day every day

What's life got to do with it? Everything!! Choose to make a difference. Be the difference in someone's day, that shows the caring, compassionate joy filled individual; who can answer the tough question : "What is the purpose of life?"



Some people call heaven a place where God resides, others call it enlightenment, still others call it an attitude. Everyone agrees that heaven is associated with a good place. MARTHA implies that to enter "heaven" (this good place) we must have two components present. The first is that our circumstances must be favorable (some people call this divine intervention or miracles, others call it destiny, others call it luck), the second condition is that we must spend time in analyzing, thinking, reflecting on life. (Some people call reflection meditation, others call it prayer). 7 implies that just because we reflect and are in a miraculous situation, we must still do our part in order to experience heavenly access, and there are 7 areas where we need to involve ourselves in to achieve the mission and vision of the organization.



MARTHA7 Ltd. is a not for profit company that has taken on the task of getting people to think more of others, being more civil to others for the purpose of making communities more comfortable to live in for all inhabitants. MARTHA7 stands for Miracles and Reflection The Heavenly Access through 7 areas of stewardship.

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